Simple Rollovers
These are normal rollovers but by using JavaScript objects these scripts are optimized to only
pre-load the ON images thus speeding up page loads.

Animated Rollovers
Used throughout this site, animated rollovers are levels above normal image rollovers (Click here to see why). With our comprehensive instructions they are just as easy to install

Fading Rollovers
Instead of just swapping the images this script fades smoothly from one image to the next. For browsers that do not support opacity, the script degrades to a simple image swap.

Mouse Trailers
Balls, Text, Pinwheels and various other objects chase your mouse around the screen.

Full Page Animation
These are scripts that animate sprites all over the page. Snow, Fireworks and Bubbles are but a few.

Various scripts to create image presentations.

Navigation Aids
Drop Down Menu's Floating Menu's, Animated Menus, Fading menus.
Just to give you some ideas.

These are scripts that don't fit easily into the other categories. Netscape hover, Supernova, Drag & Drop etc.