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[-] Site News - (February 17 2003)

Ok, I hope I don't get sued. I found some images of the Squiddies from The Matrix and used them to show why I call this the Sqiddies Script.
Demo5, Demo6, Demo7, Demo8

[-] Site News - (February 11 2003)

Have been working on a cool new mouse trailer script. Demo1, demo1a, demo2, demo3, demo4

[-] Site News - (February 05 2003)

Well, if you visit this site and rely on this page for updates then you probably leave without seeing all the new good stuff. The site has been updated but this news section tends to get overlooked. You should always check out the ScriptClips section and the In Development section for updates.

So what's new?

Well, in the SlideShows section there are 2 new slideshows.
Simple Slide Show that allows multiple versions of the same script to be included on the same page. The script looks a lot better in IE as it uses the transition filters to provide multimedia transitions between slides.
The Clickable Slideshow is an extension of the Simple Slide Show and allows each picture to have a link associated so you can navigate to a new page or open a larger version of the picture.

In the ScriptClips section there is
Text Trans Rollovers which again use the Microsoft Transition filters to create dynamic rollovers.
Stay In View - which is an extension to the floating DIV script so that the DIV only floats when it is about to be scrolled off screen.

In the In Development section there is work on progress on a Popup Picture Viewer that uses a layer to center a picture in the browser even when the window is resized. There has also been a little extra work done on the Left Slide Menu with extra demos.

[-] Site News - (January 14 2003)

A new rollover section has been added - TransRollovers. There will be tutorials to follow (basically the same as all the other rollover tutorials).

There will be at least one transition slideshow uploaded by the end of the month. This will be a simple automatic/no-caption//all-images-same-size slideshow that uses the Microsoft Transition Filters for special effects in IE (see news item below).

Also, take a look at the "Valentines" links to your right. It's hard to believe that a year has passed! I am glad I saved the Valentines demos. Check them out for ideas on how to liven up you web page for Valentines Day (Feb. 14).

[-] Site News - (November 05 2002)

O.K. Now I know about the Microsoft Transition filters so I have been working on a new slideshow. This new script is (loosely) based on the slideshows at the fantastic script resource of DynamicDrive.com (DHTML Slideshow + Blending Image Slideshow) that use filter transitions but as this new script is an OO script you can have multiple copies of the script on the same page. Check out the early demo's....
demo3, demo3a, demo3b, demo3c
Download and install instructions will be added soon... keep checking back.

[-] Site News - (November 01 2002)

I have 2 new scripts In Development. The first is Moving Rollovers which is based on Zooming Rollovers but moves the images instead of resizing them. I finally started reading up on Microsoft Transition Filters and realized they weren't that difficult after all. I came up with a quick ScriptClip called Multimedia Rollovers that is compatible with IE4+ (and degrades gracefully in older browsers) but then found I could take complete control over the state of the newer DXImageTransform filters (using the properties "Percent" and "Enable") which allowed me to use the State Transition Model of Animated - Fading - Zooming rollovers to create TransRollovers. In browsers other than IE5.5+ they degrade to simple image swaps but in browsers that support the filters (IE5.5+ on Windows) you get a nice animated effect. Check them out....demo1, demo2, demo3, demo4, demo5, demo6

[-] Site News - (October 28 2002)

Computer Crashed !!! : I was hoping to update this site a lot sooner with the new ScriptClips section. Unfortunately my development computer crashed and it has taken ages to get everything pieced back together. Anyway SCRIPTCLIPS is online but only the Halloween Ghosts have install instructions. I am hoping to add instructions to the other pages gradually as I get time.

[-] Site News - (October 01 2002)

An Update!!! : Ok, it is October and the site has finally been updated (a little). The LinkFader script is finally online in the Navigation Aids section. Also check out the Halloween demos in the right sidebar. There is more to come this month as there is a new Halloween script that now works in opera and will be in a new section called "Script Clips" that will feature simple cut'n'paste scripts. The new section will contains a completed version of Fireworks3 that was In Development The new section will be used to publish finished scripts that don't have the usual demo/download/help pages but should be simple enought to just cut'n'paste into your existing HTML docs. Also the Fading Rollovers script has been modified and now almost works with NS7 (but there are still bugs in NS7 that prevent it from fully working)

[-] Site News - (June 25 2002)

FINALLY!. The new Forum has been installed (use the link in the main navbar at the top the left). I have not yet finished customizing the layout/icons/colors but it is usable. Best 2 things, 1) no popup ads, 2)You can actually include javascript code in your posts!. (The board is the free version of the excellent ikonboard).

If you have a question please post in the new forum. If you have recently posted you may want to repost in the new forum to get better answers. If you need to :
(but be prepared for those annoying popups.)

[-] Site News - (June 24 2002)

The Fading Rollovers script has been updated to include support for IE on a Mac (degrades to an image swap like Opera and NS4. NOTE: apparently NS7.0 and the latest release of Mozilla have bugs with opacity which renders this script inoperable in those browsers).

The Development section has been updated to include a fixed version of JSFX_Layer (Vers 3.6) that had a bug in NS4 for finding multiple layers.

The News Tickers and Tool Tip sections have been updated to include the fixed version of JSFX_Layer (3.6).

[-] Site News - (May 12 2002)

A much requested feature has been implemented for all the rollovers on this site. You can now make the clicked image stay on or even replace it with a third image. See the ButtonGroup script in the Navigation Aids section.

[-] Site News - (May 02 2002)

Zoom rollovers now have a tutorial. See the Zooming Rollovers in the Navigation section.

Ok, now I am really angry!! Not only did javascripts.com (and javascript.com) remove the link I had in the script I submitted, they now have a script (DS Button Scroll) that has retained its link to a site that actually SELLS the scripts that they posted!!!! Now I am not annoyed that the site sells scripts but I am annoyed that they removed my link (to a FREE SITE) but they retained the link to the script from the PAY SITE!!! Where is the justice in this world?

[-] Site News - (Apr 27 2002)

The zoom rollovers have finally been completed and uploaded. There is a help file but a tutorial is also on the way.
There are 2 new tutorials for creating fading rollovers. See the Fading Rollovers in the scripts section.

I just noticed that javascripts.com have recently published the zooming rollover script I submitted (it is also linked on javascript.com!). However they have conveniently removed the link I had to more zooming rollover examples on this site. Surely they must see the reason for submitting scripts to them is a way of directing traffic to the authors site. I have 3 more scripts pending publication and if they remove the links from those then scripts from this site will no longer be submitted to them.

[-] Site News - (Apr 10 2002)

The code and examples for the news scroller have been uploaded. The help for one of the scripts is online but is not complete. The help for the div scroller is not yet online. More demos have been uploaded. Check out the News Tickers page.

[-] Site News - (Apr 04 2002)

FINALLY! The code for the Div Scroller and the Vertical News Scroller have been combined! The code is complete but the download and help files have yet to be created and uploaded. For now - check out the latest in under the News Scrollers section on the In Development page.

[-] Site News - (Apr 02 2002)

Although it may look as if the site has not been updated for a while there have been a few additions, it is just the news that hasn't been updated. For example Check out the New Interface Demo using images from dangeruss-industries.com. Also check out the Count and Computer Display demos in the experiments side bar. Also a new demo of the News Scroller was added. Currently working on the DIV scroller. It uses 90% of the News Scroller code so they really need to be combined into a single script with different options.

[-] Site News - (Mar 02 2002)

Have added a new section, Interfaces. This section is to demo full interfaces that use scripts from this site.

[-] Script News - (Feb 23 2002)

Added the help & download for ImageFader in the Navigation Section.

[-] Script News - (Feb 20 2002)

Finally added 2 new scripts in 2 new categories, NewsTickers and Tooltips.

[-] Halloween (I mean Valentines Day) Approaches - (Jan 24 2002)

I was recently contacted by a visitor to JavaScript-FX (ShadowGate) who had used the Halloween script to create a very eye-catching Valentines Page. This got me thinking.. (Dangerous!!!). It took me about 20 minutes to come up with the demo's for Valentines Day using scripts from this site. It then took about 3 days to get the pages in reasonable state to upload (I really need to start on PHP to make the site easier to maintain). Anyway, check them out using the links at the right of the page.

[-] Who owns the 3 column format ? - (Jan 20 2002)

After changing most of the important pages to the 3 column format I was worried I might be accused of "ripping" someone else's site. Well, doing some surfing of the net I found that most sites use a 3 column format in one way or another, so is it ripping or just a good layout format? I hope nobody complains because I really need to concentrate on content rather than layout.

[-] Why the change ? - (Jan 16 2002)

Regular visitors may be wondering why the layout of the site has changed. Two Reasons.

The first is, I turned on stats and found that one third of visitors never got past the front page. This was probably due to the cheesy DHTML animation.

The second is, I found PHPNuke.org. I found the 3 column layout very clean. I was considering using PHPNuke to manage this site but it is a lot of PHP code and I need only a few of the features. I have decided to learn PHP in order to manage this site better and create only the features I need. At the moment this is just a Dreamweaver Template and only the front page will be in this format until I have figured out how the rest of the site will fit into the template. At this time the links will work but they link to the old site format.

[-] 2002-16-01

Turned on webstats to see how this site was being used. The outcome was very interesting. First step was to re-design the layout. Second step was to illiminate bandwith stealing (put a special surprise in JSFX_Layer.js) Third step is to try and figure out why people "steal" these scripts. The scripts are free but you must keep the ONE LINE copyright comment intact. Why do people remove it?

[-] 2001-11-08

Added a new category - SlideShows.

[-] 2001-10-30

Added some new interfaces to the Navigation category.

[-] 2001-10-17

Added a new section called In Development. This will showcase scripts that are either in development or even finished and just need the help and download files creating.

[-] 2001-09-20

Fading Rollovers have now got their own section - Fading Rollovers

[-] 2001-09-18

Just an experiment - Wavy

[-] 2001-05-24

Created Ghosts Script in the Page Anim category. Have converted Drag&Drop to use JSFX_Layer in Others Category.


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